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Harmony between wine and food - The real art of sommelier

The work who suggests right bottle at a right dishe is a sommelier, he helps also people who want to deep an argument on the choice fisch- white wine and meat-red wine.
It's complicated governing combinations because the sommelier has to know deep features of wines and meals and their elements, we don't want developing all these technical aspects but only give some advice because we can't play the taste De Gustibus.

Combination primary
The main problem of wine- food combining is realized by armonic balance with elements, in my opinion you can follow a consolidated custom and differents point of view.

Custom combination
Principles of combination betweeen wine and food is always the same from generation to generation . This foods habits help to understand flavor and fragance of territory and attract attention of tourists and consumers.Wine and food highlights at the same time with the place often they born so compulsorily in the ages where products and goods exchange couldn't approach from a far locations. For this reason the custom to consume local products, everyone knows his tradiction and each region has own culinary culture and old combinations.
We advice the most famous products as classical Zampone with the wine Lambrusco of Modena, Costata alla Fiorentina with Chianti, il Purceddu con il Cannonau of Sardinia, la Cassata with the Moscato of Pantelleria.

Combination of agreement and disagreement
If you follow this theory you are looking the perfect combination without to give attention to emotional psicology or traditional rule but only those objective.
The final purpose is find the right balance between wine and dishes none of them must prevail because a good choice of a right combination involve to improve their features.

Combining in disagreement means to choice a wine with opposite characteristics from food.
If you have a tasty and wet food you have to join a alcohol and tannic wine who contrast and drys the mouth.Cool wine will produce the same result of wet and a disharmonius taste.If we have a fat food like a cotechino or a slice of salame the wine must be alcohol, savory and with gas. A fat food often produce sticky feeling (like cotechino) and for this we need a wine that burn fat.

Combining in agreement follows the opposite principle but only for few cases and it can't be considered suitable in every situation, the same characteristics of food have to be the same of the wine. Dessert, sweet an pastry products must be match to the aromatic and fragant wine with hight concentration of sugar.

As you can seen the main element is the food and than the most suitable wine side the dish.When you go to the restaurant you order the wine after looking a dish menu.
This is the normal habit but there are soo many exceptions like a prized wine that can determinate a choice of the best dish .

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