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Welcome in the place of taste and in the our enogastronomic section .The guide will take you to discover the best local of Rome where you can taste a typical and original foods or you can try the most important dishes national and international.
The way De Gustibus proposed the first guide on-line which conteins the best and selected restaurants of Rome. A precious itinerary where our experts devotes accurately and in detail each actvity of structures.

Heading restaurants

Heading of tavern , inns, typical restaurant where you can taste the best dishes that the Roman cuisine offers.
You can find detailed descriptions of each local and his enogastronomic originality for your right atmosphere and your special events.

Ristorante Gourmet

Description of the the most famous restaurant category, sophisticated and refined cuisine, to fully enjoy the culinary art of the best wine that the kitchen of Rome offers.
Taste and smells waiting you four your special appointment with the flavour.

Grand Gourmet restaurant

An excellent selection of Rome restaurant. The section where you can find the most elegant local and leaving a top experience of gastronomy and you can taste traditional dishes made by the famous chef and the last recipes and news of the most intense wine of the world.

Belisario Restaurant in Rome A traditional restaurant between
Belisario Restaurant of Hotel Victoria in Rome is distingued for his faithfulness to gastronomic Roman cuisine in detalil.

A very elegant place where you can spend your special event with a good wine and food.

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